And explaining them is a whole other matter

Pixabay: Credit Tumisu

Just as I was thinking about how I could engineer a “take-two” in my relationship with Lucy, my dad’s girlfriend, and maybe even master the ability to apply it elsewhere, I got a big surprise. I suspect God was reminding me how important take-twos are.

“Reminding” because I knew from…


In six “simple” steps

iStock: credit Fizkes

Is there an art to relaxation? I need to know because my 2022 new year’s resolution is to stop playing “beat the clock.” If there is an art that I can learn, I will stand a better chance of meeting my resolution. With this in mind, I took my laptop…

Jill Ebstein

Loves a wide lane — business, humor, fiction, dogs, modern-day peculiarities. Created AtMyPace series. Alfred and His Journey to Be Liked in 2022. Stay tuned.

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