Essentially all stories begin and end here

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Every day, I pass this bench when I walk my dog. The words of Mary Oliver have captivated me. If a bench could speak, what would it say? What are some of the stories it could share about the people who sat here?

This is what I imagine.

A grandmother…


Independent thinkers unite

iStock photo: Kristina Kokhanova

This piece is part of a series titled “Hannah’s Search for Happiness.” Hannah is a character that is central to a broader series in the works. Hannah first appears in “Alfred’s Journey to Be Liked.” …

Honest words matter

iStock photo: Melitas

Self-talk is a big thing. Whether we say something out loud or in our head, most of us talk to ourselves. It can be as simple as, “Don’t forget to take out the trash,” or as motivational as, “I’ve got this.”

It seems that our pandemic world has taken self-talk…


It turns out you don’t need to play baseball to claim this

Unsplash Photo: Tony Hand

Note to reader: This is part of an ongoing series titled “Alfred’s Journey to Be Liked.” Alfred loves baseball and all things involving numbers and statistics. In Alfred’s life, has entered “Coach,” who is charged with helping Alfred to develop stronger social skills. This will, in turn, help Alfred build…


Only 3, you say?

Author’s photo: Teddy with his panda

I was at the park this morning, and it was one of those crisp autumn experiences. The temperature was 46 degrees. I was not used to the chill though in a few months I will wish for anything above 20. …


With one dog and only one command allowed

Author's photo of Teddy

Which command would you choose? Just imagine the challenges you are facing as a Survivor contestant — rocky terrain, venomous and dangerous creatures, stinging aphids, horrifying weather, murky water of unknown depth, and so much more. But you've got man's best friend by your side, you tell yourself, so you…

Climbing Mount Everest on my laptop

Photo by Denis Linine from Pexels

A parable is told about a man who travels cross-country by foot. When he reaches California, a group is waiting to greet him, and the first question they ask is, “What was the hardest part of your journey? Was it the desert’s scorching heat? The steep mountains? The bitter snow…


My daughter challenged me to write about random acts of kindness

Photo by Third Serving on Unsplash

A few weeks ago, I wrote a piece about ways we could be generous, and yes, I did try to exercise my humor muscle. Otherwise, why would God have granted me a small one? This was the piece:

After reading this, my daughter said, quite seriously, “Mom, you didn’t address…

How writing fiction made me better at business consulting

Photo by Imam Mulia Bahri on Unsplash

For twenty-one years now, I’ve had mostly one thing on my business mind — how can I sustain growth and keep the engine humming? As a solo consultant, what seeds do I need to plant, and will they take? Yes, I have a good network of colleagues who often solicit…


Beware of unforeseen consequences

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Years ago, there was a popular game show called “Truth or Consequences.” The show required contestants to correctly answer questions or otherwise face a consequence — usually, a silly stunt though sometimes producers surprised viewers with a tearful personal reunion like a soldier’s return home. …

Jill Ebstein

Loves a wide lane — business, humor, fiction, dogs, modern-day peculiarities, opinion pieces. Created the AtMyPace series. Baking my way to happiness.

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