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Help save a talented Medium writer

Jill Ebstein
2 min readMar 3, 2022


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Apparently, Medium has put writers on notice who don’t have enough followers. I know this from two angles. First, I saw this post from a writer I had never seen, which was funny, and someone I immediately followed:

Then I got a notice from a friend, Mitchell Allen, who ran into the same Medium problem. Mitchell is funny, clever, a puzzler, but not as prolific on Medium as others (though he creates plenty).

To borrow a baseball analogy, I call Mitchell a 5-tool player.

He is a poet — and a good one at that.

He writes fiction — some combination of gritty and funny, with a street-smart kind of feel.

He can do the kind of sardonic humor where you’re not sure whether to laugh or grimace or do both — and at the same time.

Mitchell is also a technologist and a puzzler. He is currently working on creating a puzzle book, and I know from a Slack channel that he is a valuable technology contributor on a range of issues.

What he’s not? He is not a self-promoter, which is why I am coming to his defense at the stroke of midnight. I hope I am not too late. Mitchell is great in many, many ways, and if he gets saved (he needs only 9 more followers), I will exercise my gentle but persistent way in getting Mitchell to share more of his work on Medium.

I started this piece by mentioning that I contributed to saving “Keith,” who I didn’t know but was happy to be part of Keith’s effort. I look forward to reading more of Keith’s work. Now I am asking you to do the same for Mitchell.

We deserve Mitchell Allen, and Mitchell Allen deserves us. Most importantly, if you believe that your “like” is worth giving, give now!



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